Made from 100% Natural Ingredients

Our 100% natural formula, crafted with ingredients from the desert botanical jojoba, works to relieve the pain, itching and embarrassment of cold sore and fever blister outbreaks faster and more effectively.


Love this product!!  Only product that has ever worked this fast & this effective.

R. Froio, Phoenix, AZ

I was given a tube of Blister Balm to use the next time I had cold sores in my mouth.  After using EVERYTHING there was to buy for a canker sores and cold sores, I was reluctant to use it but after waking up one morning with 3 sores, (2 on the underside of my tongue and one on the side of my mouth), I thought "What did I have to loose".  I applied to all 3 spots awaiting for a bite or stinging as well as an unpleasant taste but nothing happened.  Not only did it not sting but the opposite, a soothing feel and no after taste.  The best part is I was able to eat and drink without the burning and ALL the sores were totally gone by the next morning.  When I feel there is a new one starting to come into my mouth I just apply Blister Balm and they are gone.  Blister Balm, where were you years ago?? I will never use anything else and have told anyone who has the same problem about Blister Balm.  This is an AMAZING product and plan to use Blister Balm when I have another sore as well as tell any and every one about your product.  I thank you dearly!

R. Liff, Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you for developing such a fantastic product.  This is truly the only product that has ever worked for my cold sore outbreaks.  I am telling everyone!

S. Hulme, Duncan, OK

I re-applied the product 3 times within 8 hours of feeling the tingle. The cold sore simply went away.

Donna K., Pittsburgh, PA

Nothing, absolutely nothing works like this product. It was amazing that it is also 100% natural and that means a lot to me.

G. Marinkovich, Pacific Beach, CA

I recently tried Blister Balm for the first time when I began to feel the usual "itch" and "tingle" of a fever blister outbreak beginning to happen.  Within about 4 hours I applied it to the spot on my lip where the outbreak was occurring, and reapplied it two more times within about 12 hours.  The itching and pain that I normally experience with these outbreaks never happened.  The fever blister just didn't continue to develop.  I usually use Abreva or one of the Lysine products but they have never stopped the outbreaks like this product.  I get these about 3-4 times a year and will never use anything other than Blister Balm in the future."  I also like the fact that it is 100% natural.  I don't care what it costs, it's worth it to be able to stop the outbreaks like this without having to deal with the blisters and scabs of a full fledged fever blister. 

T.Castelo, Santa Barbara, CA

I can tell you that your product works better than anything I have ever tried and I will never use anything else. I also could not believe it was totally natural, even better!!

L. Morley, Ellicott City, MD

I usually don’t write any kind of a recommendation letter, but I think anyone who has ecperienced this problem is missing out if they don’t try it.  I have more than 7 or 8 episodes per year and have used everything on the market including the heavily advertised Abreva, Super Lysine and Releev.  I can tell you that your product works better than anything else I’ve tried.  I love the fact that is natural and safe to use.

B. Boyd, Columbia, MD

I want to congratulate you on your great product, Blister Balm.  Having suffered from cold sore outbreaks most of my adult life, I have tried many different products that promise to treat cold sores (like Zilactin, Ambesol, and recently Abreva).  Your product, Blister Balm, beats them all, especially if I treat the concoming cold sore as soon as I feel the initial symptoms of tingling and sensitivity.  In fact, if I treat the outbreak with Blister Balm early enough, the sore does not even develop.  I have not had a cold sore go to the blister stage in over a year... amazing considering that I used to have 4 or 5 outbreaks a year that usually took 7-10 days to heal.  Also, it's amazing that the Blister Balm is all natural!  Thank you for creating a product that really works.

J. Reinhardt, Reiverside, CA

Blister Balm helped shorten the active phase of the outbreak and also reduced itching, pain and irritation associated with having a blister. Would recommend it to anyone as a treatment of choice for cold sore outbreaks.

Aleksander Y., Gilbert, AZ

Best product I have ever used to cure my occasional blister flare ups. It stopped the blister cycle almost immediately.

F. Guerrero, Yuma, AZ

This product is the best I have ever found for reliving cold sores and it works so quickly! When I first felt the itching and knew that a cold sore was coming on, I put on the Blister Balm Cold Sore and Fever Blister Treatment from the white tube.  I think it was probably less than 6 hours from the time I knew it was coming until I put on the ointment.  I put it on again twice before going to bed and once again the next morning.  I could tell by noon that the tingling and itching was not progressing like it usually did.  I put on the ointment a couple of times again during the second day and by the next day the outbreak had just faded away.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before and I’ve used everything out there.  Nothing works like this.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from painful cold sores. And once it is cleared up, I would highly recommend trying their Blister Balm Protective Cold Sore & Fever Blister Prevention Treatment. Both of these products are a must have, especially with the cold weather coming!

Stacey C., Columbia, MD

I just had to contact you to say thank you so much, it not only prevented the sore from forming, but stopped the tingle and headache that normally come with it.  I want to tell all my friends that have this condition.  They will love it!  I can’t stop raving!!

T. Jones, Mesa, AZ

Blister Balm protective lip treatment worked for me just as advertised. I've used regularly and I haven't had any fever blisters since using, although I did have a head cold and we are having a weather change with winter coming on, normally cold sore triggers. Keeps my lips moist. I like the roller ball, it's mint and clove make my lips feel, taste and smell good. I'll buy again

T. Vadeboncoeur, Asheville, NC

I wanted to send you this note and tell you how much your product Blister Balm helped me.  I get cold sores on a somewhat regular basis and have used Abreva with only limited success.  I tried using Blister Balm and was pleasantly surprised.  Not only does this product neutralize the sting of the cold sore but if I catch the development soon enough, the cold sore never really takes hold.  Thank you for your wonderful product.

M. Rooney, Phoenix, AZ

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